Panic attack treatment
Panic attack treatment and how you got there

Panic attack treatment and how you got there Ever wondered if you are a candidate for panic attack treatment? So there you are…. In “that situation”…. you start to sweat…. your breath starts to quicken…. your heart rate builds until your heart feels like it’s going to jump out of your chest…. you become unable

why you cant meditate
How to meditate easily and why you cant

How to meditate easily It seems today was one of those day. I lay down to do my meditation and my mind is taken away by a myriad of thoughts. “But you’re a mindfulness meditation teacher Scott.. you should be really good at meditation”, some might say. They may be right, though I am also

signs of stress
What are the signs of stress?

What are the signs of stress? City life brings stress! Large cities like Sydney often come with a pace that’s hectic and exhausting, ;eaving many of us with excessive signs of stress. Traffic, long work hours, busy shops, one hundred thousand things to do and remember… yep, we’ve felt that stress too. And, as a

stress management
Stress management – How stress can give you super powers, that are not so super!

Stress management – How stress can give you super powers, that are not so super! Just now while grabbing a few almonds from the pantry I dropped one and my super-fast reflexes kicked in and I caught it. Although this may seem out of the ordinary to some these super powers are very much normal

Anxiety Sydney
Anxiety hypnosis

I’m working with a client via phone today with severe anxiety after a recent traumatic event heightened her vigilance to intolerable levels. It’s the same response i see continually in clinic. Never ending questions… Why is this happening to me…… This is how I feel (on loop)….. I feel like I want to vomit…. Will this go away…… How will I have the energy to keep fighting this to mention a few.

Performance anxiety
Performance anxiety – Do you have perfectionistic tendencies that lead to anxiety?

Performance anxiety – Do you have perfectionistic tendencies that lead to anxiety? Performance anxiety come in many forms and perfectionistic tendencies most surely can lead to anxiety. Having high expectations of ourselves can place undue pressure to perform and may give rise to a state of shame when that inner voice of ours beats us

IBS treatment
IBS Treatment using Hypnosis

IBS treatment using Hypnosis So often I see clients in the hypnotherapy clinic that present with gut health issues that lead to IBS treatment. When they’re asked about the stress in their lives they reply, “oh yeah I’m pushed so hard at work and don’t have a second to myself but yeah I’m handling my

hypnotherapy near me
Sydney Hypnotherapy Clinic In Sydney Suburbs

Our Sydney Hypnotherapy Clinic Sydney Integrative Hypnotherapy Clinic is based in Dover Heights in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. We see clients from Sydney surrounding areas such as Bondi Junction, Double bay, Randwick, Waverley, Vaucluse, Bondi, Tamarama, Surry Hills to name a few. Our clinic is partnered with True Foods Nutrition on Military Road, Dover Heights. hypnotherapy

hypnosis for ptsd
Hypnosis for PTSD

Hypnosis for PTSD There are many markers that may highlight that hypnosis for PTSD could be suited to us. Do you have strong associations to certain songs? I do. It’s amazing the way our mind works and pairs events and triggers to create memories. I came across this song ( WRONG SIDE OF HEAVEN ) and

Does hypnotherapy work
Does hypnotherapy work?

Does hypnotherapy work? As a clinical hypnotherapist i often have people ask me “Does hypnotherapy work? THIS INCREDIBLE GIF shows us how our brain forms connections and communicates with the many different regions of the brain. A neural pathway is made up of many thousand of neurons connecting as you can see here to form

Is hypnotherapy mind control?
Hypnosis vs mind control?

Hypnosis vs mind control I am often asked the question around hypnosis vs mind control and the answer is quite clear.. Hypnotherapy is not mind control, it’s implanting positive suggestions to overwrite the negative thinking patterns you have learnt that lead to stress to anxiety to gut issues and full circle to impacting back on

Effects of trauma
Effects of trauma leaving you suffering?

Effects of trauma leaving you suffering? Why you feel worried and sick to the stomach “Now, many people who don’t know a lot about yhe effects of trauma. They may think that trauma has something to do with something that happened to you a long time ago. In fact, the past is the past and

Is pessimism creating my anxiety
Is pessimism creating my anxiety?

Is pessimism creating my anxiety? One of the simplest ways to see what influence your conscious brain has on your outlook toward yourself, the world and your future is by assessing your tendency toward pessimism. Pessimism takes its place in the way we view our environment and can lead to substantial feelings of anxiety if

fear of flying hypnosis
Fear of flying hypnosis

Fear of flying hypnosis How we learn, create habits and are able to change them Hypnosis for fear of flying  has its roots deep in science. During the 1890’s Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov established the theory of classical conditioning, where we learnt the brain builds memories by association and clarified the process of implanting a

Pyroluria – The Stress Disorder

Pyroluria – The Stress Disorder – by guest nutritionist Maria Shaflender What is Pyroluria? Pyroluria or Pyrrolle disorder, also known as the ‘mauve factor’ (due to the slightly purple colour of the urine of those identified to have the disorder) – is a genetic condition first identified by Dr Abram Hoffer and Dr Carl Pfeiffer

Stress therapy
Stress therapy solutions

Stress therapy for a busy world “I’m not stressed!” These are words i hear often and do question if this really is as true being that i apply stress therapy to my many clients. Stress is a natural part of life and essential for our day to day functioning. More and more people are finding