Hypnotherapy Testimonials

I have suffered with anxiety amongst other battles all of my life, but always swept them under the carpet. After having a major shutdown, i contacted Scott at Sydney Integrative Hypnotherapy and he went above and beyond to help me get through, explaining in detail what was happening, why it was happening and how to lead a life free of anxiety disorders. I still have bad days sometimes, but i am 1000 times better then i have been in many, many years. Thank you Scott.. for guiding me, and giving me the skills i need to be a successful parent and overall person. Highly Highly recommended!!!!

Monique D

Scott is an intuitive, gifted and attentive practitioner. His hypnotherapy sessions work to re-program bad habits, re-train the brain away from anxiety and depression as well as instill positivity and mindfulness. His sessions are life-changing. Highly recommended.

Maria S

Scott offers a life changing experience I can not recommend highly enough. He has shown me a whole new level of consciousness and mindfulness which makes you see life through a complete different lens and shows you what happiness and presence is supposed to feel like. He gives you tools for life which you will be able to apply in so many different situations which can literally save you. Thank you Scott for everything is all that is left to say 🙂  

Isabel W

Accessing the deeper part of my brain with Scott from Sydney Integrative Hypnotherapy, gave INSTANT results allowing me to overcome procrastination surrounding financial matters. Within a week I had taken action on matters that I had been putting off for years!!! Say no more. GO check out his work. You have everything to gain.

Dr Lauren W

Hi Scott, Hope you’re well. Just a quick text to let you know this afternoon was the completion of 3 flights in 2 weeks a total of 51/2 hours in the sky. Glad to report that it was an amazing holiday with friends and family when the phone wasn’t ringing and emails coming in. It hasn’t been easy and I still have a lot of work to do to get to my goal of going to Greece again however, the fact that I’m even flying again is a credit to your work. Thank you for helping me get to this point and without any pills or aids other than a small squishy soccer ball. Look forward to seeing you soon

Steven T

Scott is an amazing and patient master of his craft. I'm a practitioner of rapid change/nlp and have been looking for someone to help me with my issues as I respond best when working with a practitioner instead of doing it to myself so when I finally found Scott it genuinely felt like I found someone who could get the results I'm needing. I've been to a number of hypnotherapists and they don't even come close to his skill set, his understanding of the brain/body connection and his genuine level of empathy and desire to help their clients. During my latest hypnotherapy session.. I had such a release of built up stress and associated trauma that I experienced huge shifts in my muscles that were holding the stress (jaw muscles) - the experience and the resulting breakthrough is nothing less than extraordinary!

Lui Chaosillator

I began to see Scott as part of wholistic approach to manage my Depression and Anxiety that are driven by Panic Attacks.   Scott is very empathic and totally understands how debilitating this condition can be.   The tools provided by Scott and the sessions have definitely assisted me on the path to recovery.

Colin H – Phone/Skype sessions

Scott has helped me heal and transform myself through my chronic health journey. Having been unwell for 2 years now with dysautonomia/POTS & gut issues, I've developed a slew of coping strategies that whilst useful in times of high stress, weren't serving me well as I looked to heal & strengthen myself. The combination of hypnotherapy & mindfulness techniques he has taught me have set me well on the path to healing, not to mention taught me great techniques for coping in everyday life too. When I first started working with him, I was unable to get in a vehicle due to health-related PTSD, suffered from moderate to severe everyday pain and was house-restricted. Within two weeks of working with him I was able to get in a car with reduced anxiety, I had learned to let go of some of my fear of pain, and I was out & about more. Within two months, my car anxiety had diminished significantly, my fear of pain was gone, and I had regained a lot of my joie de vivre. Of all the treatments and techniques I've tried, this is by far the game-changing one. My stress levels have been reduced, I've developed great self-insight, and feel calmer and more centred within myself. If you're looking for a new approach to help with stress and/or health issues, I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

Rachel S – Phone/Skype sessions

I've recently completed a Stress Reduction Program with Scott. I've learnt some really effective daily practices and benefited from hypnotherapy sessions aimed at helping me reach a super relaxed state; boosting my self-worth; gaining an understanding of past experiences and how they can (unknowingly) cause me stress; and completely removing inexplicable pain. Scott took me on a journey which has meant I'm pain-free, empowered to be in control of what will serve-me (enabling me to make better decisions - for me), and with an appreciation that it's just as important to "un-do" every day as much as it is to "do". I was particularly impressed with pain-removal hypno session where Scott completely removed pain I had experienced down my side that wasn't related to a health issue. He taught my mind to deploy more healthy techniques to respond to what life throws at you. Thank you Scott for taking me on this journey and helping me become a happier, healthier and better version of myself. You are really gifted at what you do. Highly recommend!

Carly C

Scott does a great job in what he does. He explains things so in-depth and efficiently that it’s easier to understand and comprehend. I went to Scott for hypnotherapy for anxiety and after my 3rd session I haven’t had the debilitating anxiety I was having. Heaviness on the chest, tightness of the stomach. Although there’s still a little bit of anxiety that comes and goes I feel that I’m normal again and things have been moving forward with myself. I will continue seeing Scott for more confidence and motivation/performance aspects.

Chris C
 I have suffered from depression since a major trauma in my life. Scott has done more for me in 2 months than 25 years of doctors, psychiatrists and medications. Scott does so much more than hypnotherapy. He started by explaining how the different parts of the brain works and how my negative thought habits were affecting my depression. He has a whole range of resources and practical tools. I was very sceptical of hypnosis, but now I am a firm believer, at least in the way Scott does it, I had tried hypnosis previously with someone else and it didn’t work. I did a hypnosis session with Scott on not drinking and it worked amazingly, I just don’t need to drink now, there has been no struggle. Scotts empathy and caring goes beyond what I expected. I have done all my session over the phone.  
Graeme H – Phone/Skype sessions

I have to say I have been apprehensive about hypnotherapy. No more. I went to see Scott for some deep and long buried childhood issues. I wasn't able to deal with them for nearly 40years. I didn't want to 're-live' it by going though therapy but i knew that i had to do a lot of healing around it. Felt i was somewhat stuck. Scott is very empathetic, intuitive practitioner, who takes time to make sure his client is feeling safe, secure and at ease. He explains what he does, why he does it, and it's clear how passionate he is about it and how much he cares. Scott gave me a safe space to heal. It was absolutely paramount to me. I have seen him twice before we dived into the 'big issue' as i needed a bit of time to build trust. The absolute best thing was I DIDN'T HAVE TO RE-LIVE IT. You have no flipping idea how good that sounded to me. I was absolutely stoked. Scared but happy. Yet, the craziest thing about my experience was that i only needed one session for that particular issue. Not sure if i would have believed anyone that that happened if they were telling me the story. Definitely will be going back to work through other blockages and other rubbish that has collected over the years. The shift in my daily functions, energy levels, ability to do the tasks i was procrastinating on is amazing to me. I'm so thankful for taking this opportunity. Deeply thankful for Scott's gift and his skills. I hope you choose YOU, and taking care of YOU and give hypnotherapy a go. See Scott now, thank me later 🙂 🙂

Nonna V

Living in a small rural town with limited resources to mental health facilities, Scott’s only a phone call or skype session away. His changed my life in more ways then I thought were possible. He can relate and understand everything I feel and think. I wasn’t sure hypnosis would work, but I can’t recommend hypnosis with Scott enough.

Rebecca V

I have seen modern western psychologists for 8 years now for ED's and MDD (depression) and always found myself leaving appointments with more self-hatred/lack of confidence. These appointments had me either talking about my feelings/past history the whole time (the psychologist could may as well have been a friend or relative), or i was getting dictated on what actions i should be taking (which defeated the whole purpose of my visits; not being ABLE to put action strategies in place). The 'best' performance of the 8 years was achieve 2 days without practicing disordered eating, finding myself falling back to old patterns. I also came out of a 1 month program as an inpatient at a mental health hospital in November 2019; and despite practicing 1 month of healthy behaviours, i returned to old patterns only 4 days of discharge.I am a bright girl; i have always been aware of the damage i was inflicting upon myself and my family. But not even the pain of my loved ones could stop my destructive behaviours, and this guilt and self-hatred is what KILLED me. I just couldn't stop. This ED had an airtight grip on me, and no amount of effort would relieve it. Just before all hope was lost for myself, I found Scott. I knew straight after our initial consultation he had the competency to assist me. Keep in mind if you read the following, i have only seen him 3 TIMES. He focus was not primarily on 'repairing the past', but on BUILDING the future (for me i had a great upbringing so this was a relief, as every other therapist would focus on this). He has a BRAIN based approach on therapy, providing you with in depth insight on the functions that take place in real time. I found this extremely helpful for bringing awareness in stressful times (being able to critique your physiology RATHER than judge yourself). Less self-shame = More self-kindness = easier implementation of strategies. Scott tailors the session to suit YOUR immediate needs; deciding in the moment the direction the session will take. For myself, he divided his sessions into conscious and unconscious therapies - 1st, discussing with me where i was at (deciding how he will direct the session), and 2nd, with chair work (hypnosis/NLP techniques) on a subconscious level. I believe these subconscious techniques are the primary drivers of my current recovery success. Resisting eating disorder behaviours has never been so effortless. I have never NOT needed to rely on willpower ever in my life. If you have lost hope, please give Scott a visit. Not only are his prices affordable (his services is really is worth 10x of that most psychologists are) but you will get RESULTS ...and FAST (relative to conventional therapies, the issue you have and the length of time you have been suffering). Every session has immense value... there is no time wasted with Scott. He knows his stuff, he is brutally honest and his intentions are pure and selfless. With such success in only 3 sessions, i will definitely be paying future visits to reinforce my new healthy behaviours and strengthen the other infinite areas of my life that have great potential.

Sabrina T