Alleviate Chronic Pain

In today’s society we are experiencing more pain than in previous years. S

Sufferers of Chronic pain can be afflicted with sleep deprivation, depression, irritability and fatigue, and may affect work, personal and social relationships.


General statistics about chronic pain

Its estimated that 20 percent of adult Australians suffer chronic pain. More women than men experience chronic pain. It’s most common in women in the 50-54 age bracket and men in the 55-59 age bracket.

Injury is the most common cause of chronic pain (38 percent), though a further third of all people who experience chronic pain are unable to identify the original cause. Other identified causes include arthritis, musculoskeletal conditions, migraine, headache, cancer-related pain, post surgical persistent pain and non-specific lower back pain.

Chronic pain is estimated to cost the Australian economy $34.3 billion each year, which equates to $10,847 for each person with the condition.

How do we feel chronic pain?

You may be aware that when you feel pain that its simply a signal being sent to the brain to alert you that you need to give attention to that part of your body. Its true that your nervous system sends impulses to your brain when your body is injured and this this process is called nociception.

Pain that persists when there is no tissue damage present is known as chronic pain. Examples of Chronic pain are:

  • Migraine
  • Fibromyagia
  • Chronic back pain
  • Nervous tension in heart, stomach and muscles


We have learnt that in some cases that when injuries have healed there is a part of the brain that didnt get the memo and pain persists. An example of this is phantom limb pain, where the limb has been removed but the pain signals are still being received or generated by the brain.

We have more control over nociceptive input that we could have ever have imagined, and with Hypnosis we can allow you to turn down the amount of pain you feel and in some cases release it completely. We all have an internal medicine cabinet of sorts and can initiate opioid release to reduce pain. We can also encourage changes in the brain to assist it ‘getting the memo” and allow the brain and body to let go of chronic pain.



What can be done to reduce or remove chronic pain?

Chronic pain is best approached using an integrative model of modalities designed to target particular pathways that relate to pain perception.

Pain has been shown to be generated in the brain as a response to pain signals travelling through the body to the spinal cord and to processing areas in the brain. It is believed that the brain has the ability to predict pain and is something we may see in examples of phantom limb pain, when the limb no longer physically exists.

Given that the pain is generated in the brain, hypnotherapy has the ability to reprogram the brain and bring its perceptions back in to balance. We can effectively turn down the pain signals (nociceptive input) and lessen the experience of pain

Its not uncommon for the protocols i use for my clients to completely release unexplained chronic pain, and continue their life pain free. I cannot express how life changing that is for people that suffered on a daily basis.


I’d love to work with you to find the solution to your ongoing experience of chronic pain so please do contact me or book an appointment to get started. I can take appointments in the Sydney Clinic or virtually via Skype.

Google review:

“I’ve recently completed a Stress Reduction Program with Scott. I’ve learnt some really effective daily practices and benefited from hypnotherapy sessions aimed at helping me reach a super relaxed state; boosting my self-worth; gaining an understanding of past experiences and how they can (unknowingly) cause me stress; and completely removing inexplicable pain. Scott took me on a journey which has meant I’m pain-free, empowered to be in control of what will serve-me (enabling me to make better decisions – for me), and with an appreciate that it’s just as important to “un-do” every day as much as it is to “do”. I was particularly impressed with pain-removal hypno session where Scott completely removed pain I had experienced down my side that wasn’t related to a health issue. He taught my mind to deploy more healthy techniques to respond to what life throws at you. Thank you Scott for taking me on this journey and helping me become a happier, healthier and better version of myself. You are really gifted at what you do. Highly recommend!”

Carly C – Sydney

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