Anxiety Treatment with Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis therapy for anxiety

Some anxiety is normal and when in balance will motivate you to focus on a particular task and give you the energy to see it through. It becomes harmful when it continues on long after an event, interrupting your daily life and affecting your well being.

Do you have any of the symptoms of anxiety below?


Q’s: Over the past week….

  • I was aware of the dryness of my mouth
  • I experienced breathing difficulty (eg: Excessively rapid breathing, breathlessness in the absence of any physical exertion)
  • I experienced trembling in my hands
  • I was worried about a situation where i might panic and make a fool of myself
  • I felt i was close to panic
  • I was aware of the action of my heart in the absence of physical exertion (eg: Sense the heart rate increase, heart missing a beat)
  • I felt scared without any good reason to
  • I was constantly scanning the environment for threats or illness in my body


Hypnotherapy for anxiety

There are two general pathways whereby anxiety is triggered.

The first is by our conscious mind and its ability to make predictions of our environment, interpreting scenarios and living in anticipation of future events.

The second is by the unconscious mind as it takes note of all the things in life that have scared or threatened us in the past and attempts to keep us safe from them in the future.

Hypnotherapy can help based on its ability to communicate with the conscious and unconscious part of the mind that keeps you stuck in the habits of fear and those patterns that keep you in an anxious state of survival and hyper vigilance. During sessions we explore the reason that underlay your anxiety using an in depth questionnaire, which guides the way in which we move forward with the sessions tailored to you.

I believe that it is imperative to understand what is happening within your mind and body to enable us to cooperatively enable the shift toward a place of safety and calmness. I teach an array of practical tools to take home as anxiety often requires a lifestyle change to pull us out of the functional range of stress that leads to anxiety.

Google review:

“I have suffered with anxiety amongst other battles all of my life, but always swept them under the carpet. After having a major shutdown, i contacted Scott at Sydney Integrative Hypnotherapy and he went above and beyond to help me get through, explaining in detail what was happening, why it was happening and how to lead a life free of anxiety disorders. I still have bad days sometimes, but i am 1000 times better then i have been in many, many years. Thank you Scott.. for guiding me, and giving me the skills i need to be a successful parent and overall person. Highly Highly recommended!!!!” Monique D”

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is an amazing modality full of tools to assist a multitude of situation in life to give the power back to you to create real change. I also use mindfulness to reprogram the way you react to stress in your environment, to a place of responding in a calm and confident way. The hypnotic process differs between therapists and considering that stress is always under laying factor in anxiety my sessions are designed to be very calm and relaxing and secure. The hardest part is leaving the serentity of the therapy chair.

With time clients find the peace that has alluded them now understanding the mechanisms that lead to anxiety and then developing long-term life changes to balance it effectively.

If anxiety is taking away your freedom of choice or freedom to be your calm self, please click to book an appointment and lets get started on creating a life free of unnecessary anxiety.

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